Slave Story – Minds Racing (Poem)

Terror. It surrounded us. Captivated us. Engulfed us. Well, at least it did to me. My companion didn’t seem so terrified. He seemed rather elated, actually. “I’ve been waiting for this,” he said. “Let’s get out of here.”

Why would we run?
This is all I’ve ever known, under the sun.
I was so young, I don’t even remember
What it was like to be away, not now not ever.
I know I’m not from there,
He took me in, away from where
I came from.
He took us, away from the scrum.

They had us first, I was so scared.
I couldn’t control myself, wild as a young mare.
I screamed and fought, but that helped little
They took my mom away, my heart became brittle.
As they were packing me away, He came along.
He exchanged hands with them, then led me away from the throng.
From all I’ve ever known, He took me.
Is this free?

I was the youngest that He had.
Heard stories about people like Him, ones they tell when you’re bad.
They’ll come and take you away,
They’ll put you to work that very day,
And even when you’re weak and fray,
They’ll make you work today.
Yet when I came to my new home, he wasn’t that way around me This was free.

I knew I was in luck,
To be His, to be plucked
From that group. Others would die
For the chance I had. I said goodbye
To the life I had. This was my second chance,
He taught me to read and write, what an entrance
To another world that was!
I understood that the birds sing, and the bees buzz
I understood the strange symbols that unlocked the world,
Everyday was another blessing, each lesson my toes would curl.

So why would I run?
This life I’d had? This was fun.
I didn’t even know fun before,
I never got to learn before,
I mean, I couldn’t even count to four
Before, I was lower than the floor.
Now, the atmosphere was my peak!
But I never saw it coming, never saw everybody take their peeks.
Looking for that chance, just needed a sign
And while they were plotting, I was like an old landmine.
They just saw me as an obstacle,
I was of no use. To them, I was infallible.
I wouldn’t try to run,
From Him who gave me life and fun.
They never saw that side of Him,
They never wanted that side of Him.
So they took their chance to run,
And wanted to take him down for fun.

And that’s why the cook wanted to go.
He wanted free from his low.
He was a slave, he saw it like it was
He didn’t get the attention I did, didn’t hear the bees buzz.
I’m lucky he didn’t take out his years of frustration right there,
Instead offering me a retreat, even though all I wanted was where
I had just fled.
Why? I simply felt dead.
Why didn’t I stay and help?
Why didn’t I run when He yelped?
And now I’m stuck with one of them,
That started this whole thing just to win.
To win his freedom, but is this worth it?
I swallowed my fear and came with it,
Following him into the wilderness.
Away from all I had ever wanted, to take this next test.

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