If I cared for you before, I certainly do now
Even though when I think of you, it’s another frown
Ever since the day I left town
I never see you around
Or hear from you, no sound
The joke is up, like a retired clown

I still care what you think
If you needed me, I’d be around in a blink
Smiles and laughs with a drink
That’s what I remember when I think
But things change in a blink
We said best friends to the brink

But I guess 800 miles was the edge
Cause when I turn, it’s just me on the ledge

Next time shut the door when you leave
I kept waiting to hear your feet rustling the leaves
But please
Don’t do your next like me and leave like a breeze
Words do matter to me
When you said best friend, I believed
But if you don’t want to anymore, be free
I always get caught up in the tease
That when you say best friend,
From here on out, I’ll freeze. 

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