Mixed Fruit


Blenders are great. Juicing, mixing greens together, making pudding or peanut butter – blenders are real life miracle workers. My favorite part about blenders are making delicious fruit smoothies, and sharing them with my family. The wife loves smoothies also, so this is a major win – win in the Wright household.

Smoothies allow us to taste a variety of different fruits together. Take strawberry banana, for example. Two fruits that look nothing alike, taste completely different – yet are commonly known as one of the most popular smoothies in the world. If somebody never took a chance and tried to combine two of the most unique fruits, the world would never have this sugary, fruity delight. What a tragedy that would be! Smoothies wouldn’t be nearly the culturally craze they are today without bold mixing and matching of flavors.

I believe life is the same way.

Without variety, without mixing – and eating the same flavor every single day, smoothies would be pretty boring. Isn’t life the same way? When I do the same thing every day, encounter the same type of people everyday, I’m not growing in any way. I’m not experiencing anything different. How can I grow by performing the same actions and meeting the same people everyday? Short answer – I can’t.

So my challenge to myself is to taste new fruit. Go to a skating rink for the first time. Embrace activities I normally wouldn’t do. Leave my comfort zone, my everyday space, and meet some people around me. Even better, meet some people who aren’t around me, who don’t look like me, who don’t believe the same way I do. Create life with those who I would never meet in my normal walk through life. My daily “smoothie” will be much more beneficial and tastier when I’m not juicing the exact same flavors every day. Let’s try a different fruit in the blender today. Who knows, it may become the next strawberry banana.

I’ll never know if I never mix.


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