Color the Canvas

When I wake up in the morning, I imagine my day as a blank canvas. Every moment afterward, no matter how important or insignificant, contributes to that canvas. By the end of the day, paint strokes and colors cover the canvas, creating a visual of the moments that transpired for that day. Cool, right? At the end of each day, I tend to feel more complete and successful if that painting is littered with different colors and brush strokes.

Simply speaking, a diverse day chocked full of different experiences is the surefire way to paint with as much variety as possible. On the flip side, a canvas littered with the same brush strokes and only a few shades of color is a day spent doing the same things. This isn’t always a bad thing, yet my diversified, colorful canvas are my most enjoyable and productive days. Maximizing the number of colors on my canvas is my daily challenge.

So where do I go for a more diverse pallete of colors? If you’re anything like me, forty hours of your week are strictly accounted for. I’ve learned most people can color with a diverse pallete in their time away from work. Looking for diverse experiences at my workplace isn’t the easiest proposition. I’ve always struggled with letting my personality shine through at work, concerned with being professional and reserved. However, lately I’ve learned to cut loose, because I’ve noticed people react most favorably to the most natural version of me. Makes sense, right?

So how does acting like I normally do help make my days diverse? It invites other people to shed their masks and be themselves also. True, meaningful connections between people can only genuinely happen when people feel comfortable to be uncomfortable. Letting your natural personality shine through makes it easier to approach uncomfortable conversations and experiences, and come out closer and more understanding of the person in front of you. That’s an experience worthy of a paint stroke that shines as bright as one of any adventure.

Otherwise, I try to cram as much things as I can into the days I’m blessed to be healthy and alive. I love trying different food combinations for lunch, and how many sandwiches taste incredible with guacamole spread (spoiler: all of them). Some days I’ll take my skateboard out for a crazy lunch break session while jamming my new favorite album (All Amerikkkan Badass currently), or I’ll curl up in my car with a book and my journal. As long as I’m pushing myself to not just see opportunities but embrace them, and bringing a fresh, healthy outlook home to support my wife (just being around her splatters my canvas with every color imaginable), I can rest peacefully from a colorful day. Choosing to live a vibrant life has been the most powerful and enjoyable choice I’ve ever made.



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