By Example

Leading, living, showing – these are acts I have to learn from by example.

As a person, I’m not nearly as attentive when I’m expected to learn from anything other than a living, breathing example. To truly capture my attention and motivate me in a certain direction, I need to see it lived out. I learn at a rapid better pace when I’m shown how to do anything by example.

For example, if I’m learning how to operate in the professional world, the person leading my team needs to serve as a living example. Their habits and actions – I learn how to interact in a foreign setting by observing every action, reaction, and interaction from my superior. Over time, I begin to embody the observed habits that I deem most important, and fill in the rest with whatever best serves my personality and the position.

So what does this mean? It means for anyone that has served in a leadership role in my life, whether as a coach, supervisor, teacher, I’ve probably embodied some habits and quirks of yours.

I’ve made them my own by now, over time and permeated by my personality, but the person I am today is comprised of small building blocks set in place by the actions, reactions, and interactions of others. And that’s pretty cool.

What you do with this information probably has no bearing on me, unless you’re in a leadership position that impacts me. Just know that when you lead a team, or are directly responsible for teaching anything to anyone, your actions, reactions, and interactions are watched. So what will your legacy be to me, and people who think the same way? It’ll be written by your example.

Lead how you want to be followed.

Somebody like me is almost always watching, taking in your actions, reactions and interactions.

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