From Peaks to Valleys

2016 was the greatest year in my life.

It honestly isn’t much of a competition. When I think of other great years in my life, they just don’t really compare. I can think of milestone years, like 2004 when I won the outstanding achievement and athletic awards in my fifth grade class. Also, the Red Sox broke the Curse of the Bambino that year, which definitely adds to it’s greatness. Or 2008, the year when I left private school and experienced a total personality turnaround (for the better). Or even 2012, the year I got my driver’s license, graduated from high school, was named to the All State baseball team, and began my first year at college.

But all of these accomplishments do pale in comparison to 2016. My year consisted of graduating from college, getting married to the love of my life, and moving to Florida to begin our lives together.

You probably already know all of that if you’re reading this post. However, this present year, 2017, hasn’t gone as swimmingly well.

If 2016 was a peak year, 2017 has definitely been a valley year.

My family has experienced a devastating loss. My current job situation has turned for the worse. Learning to navigate married life, while being 800 miles from my family, has proven difficult at times.

I’ve lost, been lied to, accepted that things aren’t perfect. But I believe there is a purpose through this valley in my life.

There is more growth in the valleys between mountains than at the top of the highest peak.

I truly believe that. I look back just a year ago, and I sometimes miss the carefree nature I approached life. I also felt the negative impact of that lifestyle when I began working 40 hours a week, being physically and mentally incapable of focusing for longer than a few hours. I feel myself becoming a more rounded, mature individual each day. Although my life isn’t exactly where I want it to be, nor am I the person I need to be, I feel myself getting there.

I always appreciate the peaks of my life. The greatest accomplishments lay there, for all to see. Yet I understand the work down, the seeds sown that make these peaks possible reside in the same valleys I’m currently walking through.

It’ll all be worth it. I believe that.


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