My Best Friend, Brittany the Pug

It all started with a bite.

I never had a dog growing up. My opinions on dogs varied throughout the years, going back and forth from wanting one and running from them on the hill behind my house. Regardless, all my prior thoughts on dogs vanished when I met Brittany the Pug.

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Young Pugger #brittthepug

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I met Britt through my then girlfriend, now wife, Megan. Megan warned me about Britt. I’m not sure exactly what she said, but I’m sure it went something like this.

“She chases her tail, sticks her tongue out 24/7, picks her food up and eats it across the room, lays on clothes if they’re left out, eats her own eye boogers, has atrocious breath and teeth, rescues us from the evil vacuum cleaner, has the meanest bark ever for a tiny dog, doesn’t respond to anything but ‘Food!’, must sleep under the covers beside someone, and refuses to get out of bed in the morning without a belly rub.”

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2015 family photo #brittthepug

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I was a little nervous to meet her, knowing all of that. The first time I met her was at Megan’s mother’s house, and she seemed fine. She wasn’t really paying attention to me, since Megan had just returned from college.

The next time I saw her, Megan was bringing Britt to her apartment for the year. We got along for a few days, but the first weekend of the year, Megan had to return home for a night. She asked if I could take care of her for the night.

I volunteered, ready to handle this slobbering sack of farts and grunts. Or so I thought. But when I came to put her in bed for the night, she bit my hand!

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Florida is nice. đź“·: @megatizerrr

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But man, we really came a long way over the next three years. She became my baby, my puggo. All of our naps together, the times we spent butt rubbing, all of the tongue licks – it was all I could ask for. I even starred her in a feature film for a class project. She was all I could ever want from a dog.

And all of those warnings about Britt? They were true. She embodied her crazy self, and was never afraid to chase her tail, grunt or cough in the face of anyone. And I loved her for that.

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Family photo

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She not only extinguished all doubts I’ve ever had about dogs, but she loved me more than 99% of the humans I’ve met.

I only had her for a little bit, but I’ll never forget her. I loved this dog more then I knew I possibly could. She was my shadow, my best friend, my partner in crime, and my adopted daughter. I’ll love you forever, little pug.

I’ll see you again, Britt. I can’t wait to meet you when you’re blackface Britt, not greyface anymore.

All of this because she tried to eat my hand. Not bad, huh?

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"Look back at it" #brittthepug

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