Zach Through the Years

Life is a constantly repeating, yet evolving, process.

In my personal life, I am constantly introducing and integrating myself into a new environment. From my first day of school, to my first day in high school, then college, and my present stage, my professional workplace, I’ve learned that meeting new situations and people is a natural part of life.

For many people, including myself, change can be extremely uncomfortable.

For example, learning how to actually study when making the leap from high school to college is one change that many people recognize. While that’s definitely an important change, it’s one that I never truly struggled with.

Something I have struggled with is introducing my natural self to a new environment from the beginning. I’ve drastically changed who I was at every stop in my life, although I believe my true self has naturally emerged recently.

Depending on who you are, a different version of Zach may come to mind.

If we met anytime before I went to high school, you’d recall me as a very kind, quiet person who rarely made a peep in public.


When I left private school to attend public high school, I attempted to reinvent myself as a more outgoing version of myself.

I was honestly tired of being a reserved person in public, a far cry from who I was in the vicinity of family and close friends. I wouldn’t say it was a smashing success, as I was still regarded as a fairly quiet guy, but I had succeeded in my mind by simply talking more and participating in more social situations.

The baby steps I took each year in high school continued into my college years. In the first half of my freshman year, I had attempted to fully jump into a loud spoken, outgoing personality, but fell back to earth quickly after realizing I wasn’t that person.


Throughout my college years, I began slowly learning that I have always loved connecting with people on a personal level, and finding ways to make them laugh.

I soon found one of my best talents was being able to read situations and know when it was appropriate to talk and joke, and when it was best to stay quiet and listen.

From my years of silently observing every situation to becoming the fun loving, goofy college kid, I had developed a useful and versatile personality that fit in most situations.

I could sit down and listen when required, but I could also normally add laughter and humor to most situations.


Upon graduating college, I took my newfound, natural personality into the workplace. However, that job left me wanting more, and I could feel negativity seeping into my life. After quitting that position for another, I fell back once again into an observer role. I wanted to learn to interact with the world in a real professional environment, so I wanted to watch and learn.

What I eventually learned is that being the best version of you, despite the environment around you, typically turns out for the best.

I became much more personable over time at that previous position, and met a handful of truly wonderful people who I believe will be in my life for a long time.


And from that position to my current one now, I have brought my entire personality out on display from the first interview. I’ve attempted to be the best version of me, the one who can crack a joke, hold an intellectual conversation, but also shut up when others are talking and not try to be the center of attention.  

I’ve always been interested in breaking down who I am. I love to see how certain experiences and thought process have sequenced themselves to form the person I am today.

I’m excited to put habits into place to continue growing as the flexible, creative, and fun loving person I’ve grown into today.



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