Not a Routine Routine

This past year has absolutely dragged. Let me explain why.

Most of the time when somebody implies that time is dragging, it’s a negative thing. “Like, man, this day is taking forever”, or “ I swear it should’ve been 5 o’clock by now.” Then of course, that guy always pipes up “It’s five o’clock somewhere har har har.”

(Thank you, Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett)

You get the picture – life has moments that seem extremely slow and fast. Those moments that always seem the slowest are the ones riiiight before we get off for work, bell rings to leave class, etc. Likewise for moments that we wait all day for – they seem to zip past in the blink of an eye. Ever wonder why that is?

Maybe because we spend a lot of time waiting to be able to do whatever we want, free of any time clock or class schedule, and just do our own thing.

Because if you’re anything like me, I believe it’s those moments when I have complete free will to do what I want (lol) are obviously the highlight of the day. Sure, I’ve got to sit in rush hour Orlando traffic for an hour, walk the dog immediately when I get home, then start making food, and what do ya know, it’s finally time to do what I want.


For an hour, maybe two. Then rinse, wash, repeat.


That was me for awhile. I was very, very routine based for a few months. I had something to build up to, my marriage! So the days surged by, dripping in anticipation. Then marriage weekend happened, and then what?


Time kept going.

It wasn’t at the neck breaking pace it was before though. The buildup to that moment drove my entire life, and afterwards, there wasn’t any event or occasion to pin for. The goal had been reached, and the days began to slow. What was going on here?

My routine was broken. I wasn’t content with days flying by in anticipation for anything, because now I was living in that goal. I had made it to where I wanted. I was living the life I wanted, despite the usual hiccups in the post marriage period.

Fast forward six months. Life was even slower – I’d just been laid off, my wife wasn’t interested in teaching again, so unemployment and time together (gasp) stared back at us. And boy, if things hadn’t slowed down much before, we hit a glacier period now.

giphy (1).gif

We spent the next two months loving, arguing, having difficult conversations, dealing with unforeseen circumstances, sacrificing to make ends meet, and growing together with all the aches and pains of life.

And as the days slowly slipped by, I learned how much better of a person I am when I’m not routine based. I feel the creativity, the liveliness of my personality, shine through much more when it doesn’t have to appear on schedule. Instead, the spontaneity of my life naturally supplanted my best traits, and I began to enjoy each moment more thoroughly.

No longer was I rapidly casting aside moments and days for what I thought were better ones in the future. I was learning to treat each moment, each day, as a special occasion. As a young married man, learning to be content with each day’s challenges, trials, and enjoyable times made me a better person.

So yeah, even with my recent immersion back into the employed world (ugh), I’ve held fast to my routine-less days. Things are moving reaaaally slow at the Wright residence.

I have time to fully take in everything around me this way. It’s a pretty nice view.  



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